Teak wood is the right choice of furniture to decorate your home. Why? Because teak furniture can still maintain its beauty for decades very well, although sometimes it can experience a color change from golden brown to silver or gray.

It is no secret that teak furniture is beautiful and quality furniture because it has excellent durability compared to other types of wood. Its hard wood and natural oil content give teak furniture the protection it needs to prevent it from any kind of damage.

You just need to take good care of his appearance so that he can always look beautiful and charming.

This indoor teak furniture made in Indonesia is not only famous in Indonesia but also in foreign markets. But if you still need more reasons to buy this type of furniture, let’s see the reasons why you should choose teak furniture:

1. Strong and durable – it’s no secret that teak furniture is strong and durable. So don’t be surprised if you often find antique furniture that has been a hereditary heritage made of teak wood. The strong wood also makes teak furniture can withstand even heavy loads. Unlike iron furniture which is very susceptible to rust, teak furniture is very durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. You only need to renew the varnish every now and then to keep it looking shiny.

2. Water and insect resistance – Teak wood contains a fragrant resin oil which insects do not like to smell. Not only that, this oil content also makes teak wood more waterproof than other types of wood furniture.

3. Efficient – Due to its very strong durability, indoor teak furniture usually only requires minimal maintenance or repairs and therefore you can save a lot of maintenance costs.

You need to know, teak wood is divided into 3 classes, namely class A, B and C. Class A teak is the best teak, it is brownish in color and has a lot of oil. Class B teak has a brighter color and is very suitable for use as indoor teak furniture. It is better not to buy class C teak, even though it is cheap, but furniture made of class C teak can quickly get damaged.

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